A downloadable game for Windows

This is the story of a young man who loses the only pillar of hope in his life. It is the story of this young man whos life takes a drastic change which he can't prevent. This is the story of Kira.

This game was created for TyranoBuilders SpringJam 2017 and developed by KaiEins and myself, ahnok. Information on the "fresh start" requirement is found inside the .zip folder as a .txt file.

Install instructions

After downloading, rightclick the .zip file and select "unzip here". A folder with the name "Curtain Call" should appear either on your desktop or in your downloads folder. Open it and select the "Curtain Call" application to start the game.

Information on the "fresh start" requirement set by the TyranoBuilder SpringJam is found there aswell in form of a .txt file called "Fresh start (spoilers)". There you can find more information but be warned, spoilers ahead.


Curtain Call.zip 117 MB